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She is but a precocious, nosey little girl who has eavesdropping down to a science…

Laugh, cry and learn something of value in Faces Behind the Dust. This book will tell you stories about family, neighbors and friends around a coal mining community. Here, you will meet ClaraBy, a little girl who loves her daddy. You will follow her throughout this journey while witnessing various events happening around her. The drama of this book will have you laughing and crying, as she grows into womanhood along this journey.

Later on, she is struck with sorrow at the loss of her best friend, and worries about her father and brothers when tragedy struck. Also sees her father growing weary over the years as his health deteriorates. Her sister is a fast “breeder,” who seems to be caught by the “BIG BIRD” every year or so with cute little gremlins. There are racial issues that took place in the early 1950s and ‘60s during the period of integration. ClaraBy begins to grow into a lovely young lady who is trying hard not to let her hormones get the best of her.

This book is the beginning of her life and she has a lot of living to do. You can also follow her through her amazing journey in the second book, HELLO WORLD! HERE COMES CLARABY ROSE!.